What returns us to tranquility in this pandemic?

With the changes that originated successively, unexpectedly and vertiginous, the pandemic and the quarantine have generated our daily lives as human beings in less than four months, now the Colombian society faces fears that terrorize deeply like: the direct danger of the health of citizens and their loved ones and the death of many collectives, the idea of its self-destruction and demise.

Our informal economies and daily sustenance, already known, can’t give answer to the security and basic needs in the system and the market games, joined with the high unemployment and the flexibilities of labor contracts, our fragile health system with inapplicable planning, also without the necessary resources to give elements of protection to face the crisis to health professionals. The education system gives us a solution virtual classes, to continue the course of primary schools and high schools, undermining that our inequity and injustice means that many families don’t have access to the tools required, as a new basic need on the twenty-first century, so their children can abandon their bad situations. A computer, a tablet or another electronic device like phones and internet connection, which will increase the social gap even more.

The lack of physiological strength to go through tests of discipline, adversity organization and the missing tools for the contention of psychosocial support and help surly facilitates collapsing when seeing the idealized conventions fall under their own weight. Because of all of this, all that is left is seeking refuge on aspects of life that can be valued by us, like seeing nature’s splendor that still offers us the trees and skies to admire…seen with calm and quiet they are the best scenery. The plans on their different shapes, colors, smells, the animals and pets that accompany us to nourish and protect us, our families that even with their many flaws are the people we trust unconditionally. Spending the whole days accompanying the boys and girls at home, for them their whole world changed by interacting from the screen with their friends from games, fights and reconciliations preserving and cultivating the friendship of those who need us reminds us of the capacity for kindness that is in our hearts. The solidarity with our neighbors represents the deepest form of humanity. Thank life, the universe or the supreme being we trust for the blessing we get daily.

To dedicate time to ourselves and for activities we like so it helps our mood and help us educate our minds, as it does our English course, where the encounter with our partners gives us comfort to move us with the objective of learning. Doing the learning in listening, writing, reading and conversational communication of this language, that was suspended for fifteen days, while defining its continuity through virtual classes. Many students we’re not used to by belonging to a sociable culture, where the encounter with the others generates joy for the simple fact of feeling accompanied, of being able to have direct contact for the hug, the kiss on the cheek, the smile, the handshake. Of course it allows us to put to work the chip in learning mode, but it inspires us to find ourselves with the goal of learning at a group level.

Being honest and realistic I consider that it is necessary that humanity took a break to revalued and reflect, to think on a better way of life that is more conscious hopefully healthier less destructive, more conscious and less perverse, more humanized, something we must continue to do with the learnings that this pandemic gives us.